Empower your students to prevent and to recover from sexual assault.

An engaging and motivational experience to help keep college students' mental health, academic performance and retention tip top.

1 out of 5 women will be sexually assaulted during her college years.  Most of them don't get help.

Common effects of sexual assault are PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, substance abuse, self-harm, sleep disorders, revictimization and suicide.

Left untreated the trauma steals the student's potential. It hinders their mental focus, decreases GPA and increases the likelihood of dropping out. Unfortunately most students silently suffer. On top of that, title IX cases can decrease alumni funding and outside funding as well as new student applicants.

The solution includes prevention and recovery. Students need to understand what consent is and how to stay safe. And students who've been sexually assaulted need to understand how vital getting help is to their future success and well-being.

It's my life's mission to do exactly this, to help you change the culture on campus.

Topics I'll cover in this experiential learning with your students include:

Sexual Assault Prevention:

  • Bystander intervention skills
  • What consent looks like
  • How to respond if pressured
  • Risk reduction and personal safety
  • Alcohol safety

Sexual Assault Recovery:

  • Neuroscience to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Technique to improve focus & concentration
  • Overcoming panic attacks
  • Coping skills for intense emotions
  • Revictimization risk reduction
  • Alcohol abuse risk reduction

Sexual Assault Awareness & Recovery Speaker

Why Kirsten?

My mission is to spark a radical healing from sexual trauma, to wake people out of their denial and/or silence and inspire them to speak up so they can release the shame and access their full potential in life.

Not talking about it does it make it go away. It makes it worse. I was raped in my college dorm room.  I didn't tell anyone.  I got depressed, couldn't get out of bed, and dropped out of school that year. Five years later I reenrolled in school then went to grad school. A classmate sexually assaulted me during finals week, leaving me with PTSD. I didn't tell anyone. Unfortunately my story is common. And it gets worse.

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I spiraled into social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, freeway phobia and ultimately agoraphobia, alcohol addiction and continued revictimization.

Enough is enough. Your students can break the downward spiral often caused by sexual assault through speaking up and receiving help. But they need encouragement, awareness to the long term consequences and healing tools. All students benefit from this motivational experience because these tools also enable them to be empowered leaders. They'll learn how to calm their nervous system, convert anxiety into courage, decrease emotional reactivity and how to take goal oriented action through mental resistance.

I've been sober since 2009 and have overcome the anxiety disorders. My healing journey has taken me around the world, spending the past 3 years in India, Thailand, Nepal and Bali, learning advanced breathing and nerve calming techniques, several meditation practices, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. I've studied with lamas, gurus, monks, nuns, psychologists, therapists, psychics, traditional Balinese healers and high priestesses.

I have a Master's in Statistics from UCLA, a BA in psychology from SFSU, and am a Certified Professional Coach. I've coached leaders, entrepreneurs, young adults and newly sober people through anxiety, trauma and self-doubt since 2012.

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