Mic Check


In the digital course Mic Check you’ll gain clarity on your core message, how to organize your talk, what to do right before your talk to guarantee that you captivate your audience.  You’ll get strategies to keep your audience fully engaged, tricks so that you don’t blank out, tools to transform any fear + anxiety into charismatic fuel and the most important ingredient to delivering a powerful and memorable talk.   You’ll get a 50 minute video training, an “own the stage” audio training, speaker best practices sheet and 2 audio bonuses — “How to calm pre-stage nerves” and “Facebook live like a boss.”


Rock the mic at your next public speaking event – I’ll show you how.

Mic Check is my new online course including a 50 minute video masterclass & audios guiding you to confidently take center stage while you entertain, inspire and influence your audience with your message.

It’s your time to shine baby!

You’ve got a powerful message that the world needs to hear.

It’s time you stepped into your greater purpose, unleash what’s inside of you and do what you came here to do.

With Mic Check you’ll gain the confidence, clarity around your message & strategy to rock the stage while transforming your audience.

Your stage may be the boardroom at the office, a workshop you’re running at a yoga center, at TEDx (!!) or on your social media channels.

Only YOU have your unique message.

Imagine the lives you could help transform, the promotion you could achieve or the positive influence you could have in your community if you knew the simple strategies to use before and during your talk to cut the fear and unleash your message.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The 50 minute Badass Speaker Masterclass video training
  • “Own The Stage” audio – setting you up to rock the mic
  • Badass Speaker best practices tip sheet

Join now & you’ll get more! Badass Speaker audio BONUSES:


What we cover in the Masterclass:

  • Clarity on your core message
  • How to best organize your talk
  • What to do right before your talk so that you ensure you are captivating
  • Strategies to keep your audience fully engaged
  • The must do trick so that you don’t blank out
  • Tools to transform your fear into charismatic fuel
  • Simple body awareness practice (because you want them focused on your message and not on awkward body movements!)
  • The most important ingredient in delivering a powerful talk