To overcome anxiety or to stop anxiety in the moment, we need one important thing…


Yep, what we do with our attention is critical when we want to overcome anxiety.

And in order to effectively use our attention, we need a strong attention muscle.  Sounds funny, but stick with me on this – The better we are at controlling our attention, the better chance we have at overcoming anxiety.

Because where we place our attention is a key driver in determining how we feel.

So we need to get good at placing our attention where we want it (like OFF of the anxious thinking).

Of course things like taking deep breaths, getting adequate sleep & exercising all contribute to how we feel (and therefore influence our anxiety levels).  And these are great practices.

But it is what we are focusing on in the moment that determines the intensity and duration of our anxiety.

Of course this has to do with those stress chemicals that our anxious thinking releases, find out more about this & how to overcome anxiety here:


So to overcome anxiety, practice bringing your attention back to the moment.

These short meditations will help.

Then in the moment of anxiety, move your attention.  This simple practice has profound results. Go ahead, try for yourself & share your thoughts below ;)


Love Kirsten


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