You can learn how to stop anxiety quickly with a basic understanding of how some of your nervous system works.

And I’m going to show you.

In this short video, I’ll explain what anxiety is, 5 techniques to stop it and the neuroscience behind why it works.:

Sweet, so now you can use these tools the next time you have anxiety or are spinning into an anxiety attack.  Keep practicing them, even on small levels of anxiety or stress, because you become more skilled at letting go of anxiety each time you do.

They’ve been game changers for me in learning how to stop anxiety and overcome anxiety disorders.

If you’re interested in my full 5 week online course, Digital Anxiety Pill, which includes additional strategies on how to stop anxiety in the moment while also training your brain for long term results, click here.

And please feel free to share this video with a friend who suffers from anxiety.  And I’d love to hear your thoughts, additional techniques you’d like to share with us all or any of your Qs in the comments below.