Is it safe to keep your heart open?

How could it not be?

All of us carry heart wounds (having been dumped, left, abandoned, betrayed…) & as such have learned to close our hearts for protection.  But that emotional process lacks logic.  I mean, how could closing off a source of energy actually protect us?

It’s not like the feelings we don’t want to feel somehow magically disappear.  They get locked inside.  Along with our spirit.

And we shut down.

When we consider what the energy of our heart really is – our life force – it makes a compelling case for us to want to learn how to keep our heart open.  Which is actually more like the unlearning of how not to shut it down.

Here’s how to keep your heart open:

Ok lovers, hope you found this helpful.  Keep practicing keeping your heart open.

You can also click here for my guided Metta Loving Kindness meditation which is a powerful Buddhist heart opening + heart purifying practice.

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Love Kirsten