I took a 2 hour I-Ching course in Ubud, Bali & had brunch with the teacher afterwards.

While we were eating, the teacher said the simplest yet most profound thing.  He blew my mind.

THIS is life.

Yep, this is life.

THIS – what is happening right now – is life.

I knew that.  Right?!  I mean, I teach meditation LOL..  And so do you.  You know that.

But something about the emphasis he put on THIS hit me deep, beyond logic.  The mind, especially the Westerner’s mind, seems to conceptually miss that.  Like of course it logically makes sense.

Yet in practice a lot of us are distracted from life by our thinking.

Monkey mind is when our minds jump from thought to thought to thought.  The monkeys in my mind like to plan.  Like plan a lot.

Consistently planning takes you out of the moment where life is, where joy is, where all the good stuff is.  Why is all that stuff there?  Because THIS is the only moment we have.

THIS is the only thing that is real.

THIS is life.  Not some moment in the future.  Not some other place we fantasize about.  THIS is life.

I also have a monkey that dabbles in perfectionism.  Or perhaps it’s the fine art of spotting what is wrong, what if changed could make things better.  Back in the cavewoman days, this monkey was critical.  We needed to have our eyes on the constant look out for what could be wrong.  Our survival depended on spotting danger.

Let go of what’s wrong, let go of the “bee” in your moment so you an actually be in the moment!

Allow the buzzing around to remind you to surrender.  Let go of habitual planning.  Allow it to wake you up to what you’re actually planning for.  After all, you are planning for THIS beautifully rich moment.  Right?  You’re planning for Life.

I want to help you calm your monkeys, guide you into a richer moment, a richer life.  And meditation is the best monkey tamer.  Meditation teaches our minds how to let go of excessive thinking and to be here in what is happening.

What is the predominant type of monkey in your mind?  Is it a planner, analyzer or maybe it’s creating conversations you could have in the future including what the other person may say too!  Leave your main monkey type in the comments below & enter your email – I’ll send you my free guided meditations :)