I’ve started a hard core gratitude practice recently.  

Hard core in that I actually take the time to write down what I’m grateful for and include the “why.”  Daily.

The mental gratitude list I’ve been doing on occasion for the past few years does not compare…

An attitude of gratitude is not enough!

It’s like I’ve picked an old tool out of the toolbox and finally figured out how shiny & amazing it is if I hold it a certain way.  Something about writing it down with the why and the consistency of doing it (almost) daily has already rocked my perspective.  And I’m only 2 weeks in.

Our thoughts have energy and we attract whatever we are thinking.  

Water seeks it’s own level, like attracts like.  When we focus on the abundance of what we do have, we attract more of it into our lives.  Likewise, when we focus on the lack or scarcity, we attract more lack and scarcity into our lives.

Gratitude makes everything better.

I am seriously spending most of my days in a happy & grateful glow.  Sure, I’m in Paradise, but not everyone here is scootin’ around feeling grateful..

I am actively choosing to improve my mood by being grateful for what I have.

A friend in Bali gave me the book,Gratitude List The Magic” written by the woman who wrote, “The Secret.”  It contains a 28-day gratitude program that, among other things, includes this daily gratitude practice:

1 – Write 10 things you’re grateful for

2 – Write why you are grateful for those 10 things

3 – Re-read the list, pausing to feel the gratitude & say “Thank You” after each one.

I’m grateful that this book found me!  I’m already blown away by the quick results & I want this for you too.

You can start now by writing something that you are grateful for in the comments & include the why.

Love Kirsten