Imagine life without anxiety -- the relationships you'd enjoy, the career you'd be thriving in, the adventures you'd take..  It's all possible once you have a few tools to use in the moment to change the way you experience life.  Back in 2009 I thought the anxiety spiral only went down.  I'd been diagnosed with generalized anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD and had phobias of freeway driving and public speaking. I was afraid of leaving the house. I tried therapy, benzodiazepines and drinking but my anxiety kept getting worse.

In 2009 I hit a massive bottom with my fear and anxiety.  It was like I hit a trampoline at the bottom of the fear tunnel and reemerged with a "fu@k fear" mentality.  I traveled to India and studied with gurus.  I didn't want medication, I wanted a permanent solution to my chronic anxiety.  I traveled the world and learned practical tools that enabled me to re-wire my brain allowing me to overcome ALL of my anxiety disorders and anxiety attacks.

More importantly, I've been teaching others how to do the same since 2012 in person and through my online course Digital Anxiety Pill. I've condensed the lessons into super simple bite size videos that you can view at your own pace.

The human brain can change. It's simple, easy and fun.

Join us in Digital Anxiety Pill and you'll learn the ABCs of anxiety in 7 short video lessons + 3 audios designed to rewire your brain for long term relief.

  • Welcome Video
  • 7 Potent Mini Video Lessons (Combined total of 33 minutes)
  • 3 Guided Audios
  • Bonus Video

To help re-wire your brain you'll also get:

  • 5 additional guided audios
  • Bonus video with calming yogic breathing technique

That's a total of 10 videos + 8 audios all for $189 now only $97!

My anxiety has almost disappeared since taking your course and life had changed quite a bit. The course made me a better person.  I'm a lot calmer, happier and my kids and wife can vouch for that. I also no longer use wine / beer and a crutch when I come home from work

I really liked your approach as from the get go I felt that I had someone who was on my side and understood what was happening to me. Thanks so much for everything Kirsten. In 2 months I start my Yoga teacher training course - if I hadn't completed your Digital Anxiety Pill course there is no way that I would be doing that.

I was talking to this person and for some reason I started to feel that my anxiety was starting to rise. I used the technique you taught me and I got control of it before the conversation ended. So WIN, WIN!

As a kid I used to watch Batman and Robin. Batman had a thing called a Utility Belt and within that belt no matter what the situation he would be able to produce a device to help with what was happening in that moment.  That's what the Digital Anxiety Pill course has done for me. It's given me Batman's Utility Belt to be used in any situation, so how cool is that!!

- Gary Drummond

It's wild to think that over the course of just a few lessons with Kirsten, I've been able to totally transform both my reaction to and experience of anxiety.  Over a year later I tap into the tools Kirsten taught me almost daily.

In the past several months I've had challenging work projects, difficult conversations, and stressful experiences that would have sent me into anxious spirals before.  Now I know what to do and can count on myself to be graceful and calm in situations where just a year ago I would have completely lost it : )  Kirsten's course made a world of difference for me as a person but also in my professional and personal relationships.  I simply could not recommend it more!  

- Cary

Last summer I was having a hard time in my life personally and professionally. My anxious thoughts raced through my head all day and night. I couldn't relax or focus.

Then I attend Kirsten Johnson's workshop. It was a life changing experience. I learned how be Present and Conscious, to live in the Moment. I didn't think it was possible. What a difference! It has been such an improvement to my quality of life.

I will always be grateful for the gift I got from her teachings and practices. She knows what she is doing. I recommend her course to everyone.  

- Rick

I had been watching Kirsten's videos for a while before I got in touch with her to book our first overcoming anxiety coaching session. From the first video of hers I watched, I loved her energy, authenticity and her aura of general freedom.

I'm a 33 year old Canadian and I have been living in Brazil since 2010. Strong chest anxiety has affected my days and my sleep since I was 20. I have taken benzos, become addicted to them every time I had got a new prescription, have had about ten panic attacks. I have also taken antidepressants and done therapy with three different therapists. But none of those things really made a difference.

After suffering from insomnia from the age of 20 to 30, the insomnia eventually stopped but gave way to a sleep that would only make me feel rested one day out of two. Fifty percent of my days were now spent in a miserable state of intense muscle pain, exhaustion and chest anxiety.

I got anxious (!) before my first Skype session with Kirsten, because I saw her as this anxiety rock star, with that beaming personality of hers. She made me feel comfortable within the first minute of the call.

The insight I got in a one hour session was incredible. I believe this happens because, first, Kirsten is deeply connected with the Universe/God and tells you exactly what you need to hear. The fact that she generously shares all details of her own personal transformation also makes the coaching session powerful because truth resonates.

I think that sometimes you have to pay a professional to tell you some truths that even your close ones won't tell you. Kirsten shook me out of a state of diminished faith, out of a habit of blaming external factors for my pain. Before speaking to her, I had for example never thought of the link between courage, character building, fear and anxiety.

Another thing I realized is that by paying a coach, it sent a clear signal to my body, mind and to the universe that I was very serious about getting better.

Kirsten helped me make the future become the now.

- Em

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