Courage is like miracle grow for your life.

By continually engaging in courageous action your life gets bigger.  And better.  It is the feeling that instigates the change in your life.  It’s at the border of your comfort zone, expanding you to new depths.

On the flip side, when you avoid courageous action your life can shrink.  Fear based decisions limit your possibilities and block your true expression of who you are.

Courage is at the gateway to authenticity.

Courage is like risking getting what you want.  Despite the shiny gifts at the end of a courageous path, most of us balk when we begin to feel courage.  Because it feels like fear.  And we don’t want to feel fear.

I invite you to not let a feeling get in the way of you and your dream. 

And to not let a feeling stand in the way of you and your authenticity, of expressing who you truly are.

The in the moment recognition that what you are feeling is courage can help propel you forward through the fear.

Besides, isn’t it kinda fun to feel so alive?

Love Kirsten