Give Me Heartgasms NOW

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Have you been feeling stuck, blocked, not good enough or dead inside?

Did you lose touch with who you are, what makes you happy & your sense of aliveness?

Do you feel alone, confused, lost or like your life lost it's meaning?

Are you an over achiever, super successful or "perfect" on the outside yet know that something is missing?

Are you compulsive with alcohol, shopping, working, the internet, TV or something else?

Are you lacking love? Does your heart hurt?

If so, I'm really glad you're here.  I can show you how to get free.

Hi, I'm Kirsten.

I guide women through a deep transformation of the heart.

We start by releasing the blocks & barriers to love. Then we heal the not good enough and I'm unlovable shame (that we all have).

Next we launch forward into creating & living our dream life so that we can thrive on the inside and outside.

Because life is too short to act like someone else or pretend to be happy.

You can heal. You can live your dream. And your heart can explode with love, joy, passion & aliveness while you're living your dream. You CAN become multi-heartgasmic!

I'll show you how.


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